Introduction to RSS3 Network

RSS3 Network

The RSS3 Network is a decentralized network designed to promote the free flow of information on the Open Web.

The Network is novelty formed by two Sublayers: Data Sublayer and Value Sublayer.

The Network leverages the RSS3 Protocol, a structured standard for efficient information dissemination and communication.

The Network is thus orchestrated to power a wide range of applications from AI training, social media, to search engines.

Data Sublayer (DSL)

The Data Sublayer is responsible for the Open Information life cycle management, which includes indexing, transformation, storage, dissemination, and consumption. In this section, we introduce the DSL and its fundamental components.

See Data Sublayer.

Value Sublayer (VSL)

The Value Sublayer is an Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain built with a customized OP Stack using Celestia as the Data Availability layer. It is responsible for handling value derived from Open Information activities and applications, establishing a healthy ownership economy for the Network.

See Value Sublayer.


The RSS3 Network Mainnet is currently at the Alpha stage.

Current Mainnet Stage

The RSS3 Network Mainnet is currently at the Alpha stage, this means future changes are planned to happen.

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