Explorer and Faucet

Explorer & Scan

VSL has an explorer that offers an intuitive interface for operations including bridging, staking, and more.

Faucet on Ethereum Sepolia

On Ethereum Sepolia, RSS3 (0x3Ef1D5be1E2Ce46c583a0c8e511f015706A0ab23 ) can be minted via:

  1. Calling mint(address to,uint256 amount) function to receive 1,000 RSS3.
    cast send \
      0x3Ef1D5be1E2Ce46c583a0c8e511f015706A0ab23 \
      "mint(address,uint256)" $ADDR 1000000000000000000000 \
      --private-key=$PRIV_KEY \
  2. Using etherscan to interact with the contract: https://sepolia.etherscan.io/address/0x3Ef1D5be1E2Ce46c583a0c8e511f015706A0ab23#writeProxyContract