📖 Overview of RSS3

What is RSS3❓

RSS3 is the Open Information Layer that aims to construct The Open Web by enhancing the free flow of Open Information.


RSS3 delivers Open Web data to you, so you can focus on your products.

  1. One stop for Social, Search, Analytics, AI training, and more.
  2. Cross-chain compatibility, Ethereum, Avalanche, Arbitrum, BNB Chain, Crossbell, Polygon, and more...
  3. Decentralized network compatibility, Farcaster, Mastodon, Nostr.
  4. Fully optimized for content and social protocols, Lens, Mirror, xLog.

A Tribute to the RSS

The original RSS specification had gained widespread adoption as the standard for information distribution.

RSS3 has been developing and maintaining the ➡️ Unified Metadata Schema(UMS) with the same objective as RSS - to promote the free flow of information.

The UMS is by no means a perfect format, and is not intended to replace or upgrade the original RSS specification.