Q: What is the relationship between RSS3 and RSS?

A: The founders of RSS3 are big fans of RSS, and aspire to the free and open Internet typically represented by RSS in the Web1 era. We made the RSSHub project based on the RSS protocol in an effort to integrate RSS with Web2 products, but due to the many limitations of the protocol, the project is like dancing with shackles on its feet.

We all know that the design of RSS is no longer able to meet the more complex information aggregation and distribution needs of the current Internet. So we create RSS3, expecting that the spirit of RSS would be passed on in the Web3 era. In order to meet the complex needs of Web2 and Web3, the design and implementation of RSS3 are very different from RSS, and they are no longer related except for the purpose and design concept.

Q: Is RSS3 a SocialFi?

A: No. RSS3 can indeed be used for social, but it is not limited to social, it is an infrastructure for information distribution and can be used for any scenario that requires information distribution, such as NFT marketplace, personal resume, personal blog, posting notifications, etc.