Display Anyone's Social Timeline

Here we make an API call to retrieve recent social activities of vitalik.eth. Here we can use any address, as long as it is supported by RSS3's Name Service Resolution.

We then use tag=social to retrieve social activities only.

curl https://testnet.rss3.io/data/accounts/vitalik.eth/activities?tag=social

Copy the above code and run it in your terminal to see the result.

🥳 There you go, you just learned how to retrieve all social activities of any address.

Alternatively, if you using JavaScript, consider using the 🥇 RSS3 SDK to make your dev life easier.

npm i @rss3/js-sdk
pnpm i @rss3/js-sdk
yarn add @rss3/js-sdk
import { dataClient } from '@rss3/js-sdk'

const readableFeed = await dataClient().activities('vitalik.eth', {
  tag: ['social']