Obtain social activities of anyone on the Open Web, kickstart your content-rich social applications now.

RSS3 Network, as the Open Information Layer, aims to empower the free flow of information.

To achieve this, we offer comprehensive solutions that simplify the process of obtaining the data to power applications.

Why RSS3 for Your Application?

In today's digital age, ensuring seamless access to data is paramount. When you're building any application, data is the backbone of your operations. With the RSS3 Network, we take care of the complex data logistics so you can focus on your products.

How it Works - In 2️⃣ Steps

  1. Provide a User Identifier: Enter a 0x address, a Name Service, or even use a Mastodon username as your starting point.
  2. Instantly Receive an Activity Feed: The returned feed encapsulates a user's activities, interactions, transactions, and presence across the vast Open Web landscape.

Additional filtering options are supported, allowing individuals to tailor their data access strategy.

Why Our Solution Stands Out 🔝

Comprehensive Data Coverage: Covering over 100 dApps, blockchains (yes, cross-chain!), and decentralized networks.

🚀 Structured for Immediate Deployment: Our leading standardization - Unified Metadata Schemas, ensures our data is semantically structured. This not only enhances data consistency but also eases integration into your applications.

🛠️ We Listen, We Improve, We Build Together

🤙 Your feedback is essential to us. Please don't hesitate to reach out and share your thoughts.

🎤 We invite you to join our dedicated Discord channel for developers, where you can directly communicate with our engineering team.

What’s Next