v1.1.44 Changelog

Hola, the team has been busy watching the World Cup coding, so let's keep this log short:

In this release added the support for:

  1. A loooooong (so much for keeping it short) list of dApps, with more coming soon.
    1. QuickSwap
    2. Curve
    3. KyberSwap
    4. ParaSwap
    5. Rainbow Swap
    6. Polygon Staking
    7. SpookySwap
    8. Lido
    9. DODO Swap
    10. 1Inch v5, this is in addition to all the previous versions
    11. Balancer
    12. Velodrome
    13. Element
    14. tofuNFT
    15. Blur
    16. Gem
    17. CoW Swap
  2. As more dApps are supported now, relevant feed items previously identified as transactions will now be recategorized. If you notice any incorrect items, please report them to us.
  3. Search addresses via Avvy Domains (.avax).
  4. We have added a few more types to better describe some activites:
    1. Proxy for Social, on some networks, it is possible to appoint a smart contract as a proxy to excrcise some of the rights.
    2. Reward for Social, this type covers the cryptos sent to/received by an address, such as curation made on
    3. Wiki for Social, this type covers wiki entries from
  5. We have added a new tag Metaverse. This includes the preliminary support for several metaverse platforms, including Aavegotchi, Carv, Planet IX, and more on the way.