v1.1.39 Changelog

For the past month we have been working on the followings:

RSS3 Piñata

Concluded the development of RSS3 Piñata, and launched Piñata 1: RSS3 x Lens, where eligible users get to win a Lens handle. Learn more.

More Piñatas are on their way, stay tuned.

Support for More Decentralized Networks

Crossbell Support

Supported Crossbell, and every dApps on Crossbell.

Improved the compatibility with xLog on Crossbell.



EIP-1577 Support

You can now follow anyone’s IPFS website (here’s a look at Vitalik’s) on Learn more.



Lens Support

Supported Lens, and every dApps on Lens.

Improved the compatibility with various dApps on Lens.


Social Feed Enhancement

  • Follow now shows the handles and profiles of both users.
  • Comment now shows the original post.

Quality of Life Improvements

Introduced loads of quality of life improvements:

  • Added buttons for:
    • Closing the profile galleries (NFTs and Donations).
    • Triggering feed refresh. On mobile it turns into pull-to-refresh.
  • Added detail popups for more feed types (exchange, and transaction).
  • Improved the handling of various text content:
    • Truncated super long ENS names.
    • Adjusted font weights for wallet addresses.
  • Improved the loading speed of IPFS content.
  • Improved the screen utilization, reduced margins between various elements.
  • Redesigned the notification style (try the refresh or watch button).
  • Redesigned icons for:
    • Watch in the profile card.
    • RSS in the profile card.

Lastly, no changelog is complete without this sentence:

Bug fixes and performance improvements 🎉.

Next Step

We have also been busy improving critical logics behind, aiming to incorporate more planned features to help users explore the world of Web3.

RSS3 Piñata (again)

In this changelog, there is a Piñata hidden in one of the images. If you managed to find it, please reach out to us for claiming your Piñata 1: RSS3 x Lens.

Until next time.


By the way, we started using xLog, the on-chain and open-source blogging platform for everyone. Future changelogs will be published here and on RSS3's xLog.