v1.1.34 Changelog

This week's release focuses on bug fixes and performance improvements:

  • Improved the handling of addresses with multiple ENS names, you can use any of the ENS names registered by the address.
  • Fixed minor bugs concerning the arrows for galleries.
  • Truncated long text in the feed, you can see click to expand for more details.
  • Fixed UI glitches for the detail card.
  • Fixed a bug caused by rapid switching between filters.
  • Super long ENS names are truncated for readability.
  • Donation now shows the amount donated.

This week we also included the support for Lens and all of its ecosystem dApps. You can now read all your frens' Lens activities on


We have been buidling something special, so stay tuned!

By the way, we started using xLog, the on-chain and open-source blogging platform for everyone. Future changelogs will be published here and on RSS3's xLog.