New Functions

Feed Granularity

Powered by RSS3 PreGod v1.1, is now able to recognize more on-chain activity types:

  • Filters are updated and expanded into 6 categories: Collectible, Social, Donation, Transaction, Exchange, and Governance. See more info here.
  • The old Token filter is further split into Collectible, Donation, Transaction, and Exchange for a finer granularity and provides more information. For example, Exchange-Swap is now displayed with an icon of the respective exchange for better recognizability.
  • Governance is a new category that presents the user's Web3 governance footprints.

Profile and Gallery


A profile card is shown when applicable, with the options to expand into:

  • An asset gallery showing NFTs currently owned by the user.
  • A donation gallery showing the user's donation history. We believe that the donation history is an essential part of a user's on-chain activity.

UI Improvements

  • A visual cue for new feed items.
  • Various icons are enlarged for readability.
  • A stack of UI adjustments and glitch fixes to improve the overall experience.

Content Update

We have moved all non-technical content from docs to, a re-designed page dedicated to everything RSS3. By the way, RSS3 has officially entered its second stage, more on that in this blog article.