PreGod v1.0.0 Work in Progress

Today we are thrilled to announce that PreGod v1.0.0 is officially in production πŸ₯³.

v1.0.0 includes major changes to the structure returned by our APIs, head to our API Playground to see what's new.

Our dev members had put in a lot of effort to improve the performance and usability. Behind the scene, we have also improved the performance of our indexing modules. To address a common challenge faced by Web3 developers, we pre-process the on-chain data in a format that can be easily used to kickstart your dApp developments. Here is a quick overview of what makes PreGod v1.0.0 an ideal choice for Web3 developers:

  1. Support 8 networks with various popular platforms such as Lens (and every dApp deployed on Lens Protocol).
  2. Support 6 curated tags and child types for granularity.

We are happy to work with you, in fact, a great thank you to those who provided feedback during the testing phase πŸŽ‰.

Currently, we are preparing the following improvements for our future versions:

  1. Support more network (Solana, Arbitrum, Optimistic, and Avalanche are pinned on the board).
  2. Support more platform, such as OATs on
  3. Support more tag and type for a higher level of granularity.
  4. Optimize the structure of note based on the feedback from developers (we already have a long list🀣).

While v1.0.0 will remind free to use, there will be rate limiting (600 req/min) implemented, we plan to gradually increase the limit over time as we see fit.

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