PreGod v1 Release Note

What's new

PreGod v1.0.0 was released 20 days ago, today we have shipped v1, the stable version.

Unified Metadata Schemas(UMS)

The new version introduced a new concept of UMS.

UMS aims to consolidate on-chain data from multiple data sources into a uniform format, so you don't have to. Developers no longer need to build complex business logic to handle heterogeneous structures (you are welcome đŸĨŗ), e.g., a post on Mirror looks very different than one on Crossbell, and UMS takes care of that.

UMS will be constantly enhanced to support more Type.

Spam Handling

We observed a lot of POAP spammers, so in v1 POAPs are not returned by default unless the request comes with include_poap=true or tag=collectible&type=poap. We plan to enhance this functionality to include other Types in the future.

Platform Endpoint

/platforms is a new endpoint, as requested by developers. It returns all possible values for platform supported by v1.

Performance Enhancements

Based on the feedback of developers, we have made some major improvements:

  • Improved the accuracy of assigning Tag and Type to transactions.
  • Improved the data granularity of Donation, Governance to include more relevant information.
  • Redesigned Exchange - Swap, and minor changes for others.


  • Adaption of UMS, a one-time adaption and you can support all future data sources
  • Removed per address filtering in /notes POST, the filters are now global
  • Lens and Crossbell integration (posts and comments) is temporarily removed as we are not satisfied with the outcome. It will be back in the next version. Profiles and Follower NFTs are still included in v1.

Since v1 has slightly altered the structure to accommodate UMS, some lightweight migration work is required for migration, head to our API Playground to find out what's different. Meanwhile, v1.0.0 will be put into the maintenance-only mode, receiving critical security fixes only. Developers are encouraged to migrate to v1 at the earliest convenience.

PreGod v0.4.0

PreGod v0.4.0 will also be deprecated soon. We encourage all developers to migrate to v1 as soon as possible.

We'd love to hear your feedback, get in touch with us via email [email protected] (yes, the address is correct) or our discord channel.

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